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SIMPLE: We Dominate Google For You With In 24 Hours and then You Pay Us. No Deposit. No
Upfront Cost. We Only Require Immediate payment Once We Dominate Google For You.
We can take a phrase that is key to your product or service and place at least 5 natural results
on Google with "Billboards" advertising your business and directing to your website. Typically,
we take the first position and dominate the entire natural search result area for the page.
However, we only guarantee 5 positions on the first page within 24 hours. That's 5 positions
your competitor's don't have resulting in an exponential search improvement for you. We
require a $3,500.00 Payment immediately upon a showing of 5 Billboards for your company on
the first page of google results for your chosen phrase/key words. We will maintain that
position for $350.00 a month thereafter. We do not require a contract. We only require that you
pay us or, we simply remove your results. We do require you to sign a Non-Disclosre and
No-Compete agreement preventing you from discussing, revealing or using our technology and
methods. It's that simple.

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